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Hi dear reader! I am Marcus Tik from Vienna, Austria, EU and I am an Electronic Music Producer. The MP3 Files of this music you can find here for free download. You can do whatever you want with the MP3 Files. Give it to friends on an USB stick, play it as a DJ at a party send it as Email attachment to friends or move it to the trash if you don't like it... :-) Have a look at the: Copy Right Issues Don't worry dear DJ's! You can find my tracks all also on "Yes! Good strike! That's exactly what we wanted to hear. :-)"

The MP4 Files - which means the music videos of it - on the other side - you can only find on my YouTube Channel: Marcus Tik at They are for earning money! So Marcus is running a kind of double strategy here...

Important Message! Via click on the MP3 Link the Player is started to play the track. To download the file you have to right click it for the context menu and select "Save File at..."

Marcus Tik's E-Music-Alpha.mp3

Realy very intellectual how he names his tracks ;-): A, B, C, D, and so forth... Well... I never was good in naming things...

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